Setup and run development environment


To run this project, you need to have:

How to run this project?

The only command you should use to run this project is:

make up

This commands builds the docker-compose.yaml file. As you can see, it contains containers related to Jitsi (JVB, Jicofo, Prosody), backend (nginx, fpm, consumer) and frontend (nginx, next). There are other commands to control the Docker containers, you can find them on Makefile.

In case of mysql error table/view doesn't exist, run make provision.

How to enable Xdebug?

After the initial make up, you can run:

make up-debug

To disable it again, just run make up.


There are several endpoints configured for Stooa:

  • https://localhost:8343 (Access to the frontend)

  • https://localhost:8443 (Access to the backend)

  • https://localhost:8443/docs (Access to the docs)

  • https://localhost:8443/admin (Access to the backoffice)

  • http://localhost:8025 (Access to Mailhog)

Running frontend outside Docker

There are some cases where Docker does no perform good enough (mostly when using Docker for Mac / Windows). For those cases you can run the frontend outside Docker. We recommend using Nvm, since it will allow you to use the same Node version as if it was running with Docker.

There are some steps you need to run:

cd frontend

# This one might prompt you to install the required
# Node version if you don't have it already
nvm use

npm clean-install

npm dev


All the other accesses remain the same (even the frontend running inside Docker), but the frontend will also be accesible through:

  • http://localhost:3000

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