The online fishbowl tool

Stooa enables a fluent and participatory conversation with automatic facilitation based on the fishbowl method.

What is a fishbowl?

A fishbowl is a group dynamic that facilitates conversations, debates and any type of activity in which participation is essential for its development.

It is an ideal dialogue method for communities, educational environements, or companies looking to improve their employee experience.

## Bug reports

You are welcome to submit questions and bug reports as Github issues.

To report a new bug, please, refer to the Bug Report section in our Contributing Guide.


If you need help to setup Stooa, want to talk about some cool enhancement or you have some questions, please join us on Github Discussions.

If you want to be up to date about announcements of releases, important changes and so on, you can follow our Roadmap and follow @WeAreStooa on Twitter.

Contribute to Stooa

Whether you're helping us fix bugs, improve the docs, or spread the word, we'd love to have you as part of the Stooa community!

There are many different ways to contribute to Stooa's platform, from patches, to documentation and UI enhancements, just find the one that best fits with your skills. Check out our Contributing Guide.


Check out our roadmap to get informed of the latest features released and the upcoming ones. You may also give us insights and vote for a specific feature.

Code of Conduct

Help us keep the Stooa Community open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.


Every code patch accepted in Stooa codebase is licensed under MPL 2.0. You must be careful to not include any code that can not be licensed under this license.

Please read carefully our license and ask us if you have any questions as well as the Contribution policy.

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