Creating a release

You will need to have the project on your computer and NPM installed.

How to create a release?

The whole process summarized

  • Get all the PRs since last release.

  • Create a new branch with the updated version and changelog for the team to review.

  • Create Github release.

  • Release it 🎉

Get the PRs

We are using auto-changelog to gather all the changes made from release to release.

First we will need to update the version in the /package.json (the one in root directory) to corresponding version.

Then get the name of the Stooa's remote repo in your config. In our case is upstream because this is how we named it.

To check yours run

git remote -v

And make sure you use the Stooa repo, not your fork.

Then, once we know the remote name, we get all the PRs since last release and update the in the project just running

npx auto-changelog --package --remote=[name_of_your_remote]

This command will output our updated

Create new Release branch

Now create the new branch to push all the changes made to the changelog. This way the team could review that everything is correct to approve it!

Naming convention is release/[number_of_release], so if you are releasing the version 2.8.8 it should be release/2.8.8.

Create Github release

Once the PR is approved and merged, we head to github releases to create a new one with the same number in the tag release we previously used in the package.json.

The content of the release will be the last changes in the

Release 🎉

After filling all the data just hit Publish release!

Well done, you've made a Stooa release 😄

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